The Equinox Night Market THANKS YOU!

The fall Equinox is an important time for many cultures throughout history. It is a time that occurs when night and day are equal in length. This time marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.
In many cultures around the world it is still celebrated as a time of harvest, giving, and festivals such as the Chinese Mooncake Festival, Druids celebrate Alban Elfed (meaning “the light of the water”, and The Romans held a festival dedicated to Pomona, goddess of fruits and growing things.

However, the most famous ancient myth comes from Greece. In Ancient Greek mythology, the onset of fall is closely linked to the story of the abduction of Persephone, also called Kore or Cora. She was a goddess who was abducted from her mother, harvest goddess Demeter, and taken to the underworld to become the wife of Hades, the god-king of the underworld.
We celebrated with the inaugural Equinox Night Market with live music provided by Profound Revelations Studios, a recording studio located in Downtown Brooksville. Many vendors joined us as well as Potato Ballin’ Food Truck! We held our first raffle with lots of great items provided by the vendors of the market as well as local Brooksville businesses! It was a great event and we look forward to our next monthly market which will be held on Sat. October 22nd.
In case you missed the event, check out some of the photos.

Broad Street Brewing Equinox Night Market – Photo courtesy of Jeff Rosenfield
Forrester Made – Photo Courtesy of Abby Ellis
Best dang ice cream on the planet – The Ice Cream Barr (Photo Courtesy of Abby Ellis)
Gyspy Gardner Co. (Photo Courtesy of Abby Ellis)
Potato Ballin’ Food Truck (Photo Courtesy of Abby Ellis)
The Hivery and Potager with local honey! (Photo Courtesy of Abby Ellis)

If you are interested in participating in future events as a vendor, please send us an email us by clicking here.

See you on October 22nd!

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