Krampus is coming….

Saturday, December 17th from 1-5PM

Who is Krampus? He’s half-man, half-goat (and you know how we love goats) who comes around every year and doesn’t exactly leave gifts under your tree. Austrian/German legend says he would come chase naughty children and sometimes drag them to the underworld with him. He has been frightening children for hundreds of years.
Krampus is the bad boy of the celebrations of winter solstice. Around early to mid-December this menace would come around and punish the bad kids. This day to the Alpine region of Austria and parts of Germany were known as Krampusnacht or Krampus Night when adults would dress up as Krampus to frighten the children in their homes to be well behaved.
Children may also have seen Krampus running through the streets during what is called, “Krampuslauf” of Krampus Run. The Krampuslauf which isn’t tied to a specific day, was a way for grown men to blow off steam and to get drunk and run through the streets dressed like a fearsome creature.
The Krampuslauf tradition continues in Munich and Austria today.

We thought we would have some fun with this Apline tradition and make our own twist on it.
On Krampusnacht we will have AXE THROWING, face painting, live music, several delicious food trucks, all local handmade items for your holiday shopping list and free beer samples for those 21 and older.

Check our social media links below for vendor highlights and some sneak peeks at the fun that will be had!

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